Mayur Palta


How to understand Outcompete

What is the book about?

Outcompete is a practical and empathetic guide to outsmarting and outmaneuvering the competition.

Outcompete is about Knowing, Doing, and Being.

  • Knowing a new way of thinking about how to build your organization’s competitive muscle to take on your competitors head on.
  • Doing is about the how to. The seven principles with stories from the real-world on how to execute.
  • Being a competitive strategist.

This book is summarized version of personal anecdotes, lessons learned, and stories about famous technology rivalries, price wars, software wars, and defense contracts.

All proceeds will go towards empowering underprivileged children with the gift of education.

Why give away all the proceeds to charity?

Want my network of family, friends, and professional acquittances to join me in doing good.

Objective of the book was never to make money. It was to help business leaders prepare for competing in today’s world.

Why choose a charity focused on education?

I spent half my life in US and half in India. Grew up in India with humble beginnings. Have seen the positive impact education can have on lifting not just an individual but a family, neighborhood, city, or an entire society. Children born into poverty have little control over the social situation they have to life with the rest of their lives. A gift of education and the continued support system provided by a solid non-profit is what they need to get a head start in life.

What is in it for me? Why should I read this book?

Discover more ideas and strategies that you can apply to your career and your business. This book will offer you a different perspective and ‘lessons learned’ from real-life situations. You’ll collect actionable techniques you can use right away in your business. The hard fact of life is that people who read business books tend to earn more money.

Why do CEOs and business executives read so many books?

Specifically, books about management and business? While most of us gather some motivation from movies; a CEO doesn’t do that. Instead, they rely on books for their motivation. According to them, there are a lot of non-fiction stories as to how hard work made a person climb the ladder of success and finally reach his/her objective or goal in life.

What is the purpose of management science books like Outcompete?

The purpose of management science books is to provide leaders with a decision-making framework based on analysis, data, and mathematical models. The techniques covered in management science books offer a structured approach to decision-making in management. Management science books are guides, reference materials, and textbooks that use scientific methods to solve complex management issues.

Why is this book only about 100 pages?

The problem is that most people who need business books are time poor, and just want the answers to their burning questions. This book is intentional kept short with the busy business executive as a reader in mind.

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