Mayur Palta



"Mayur has deep understanding of outcompeting as he has lived it working at some of the leading corporations. This book is a must for any business leader!”
Farhat Ali
COO Sentry AI
Former President & CEO, Fujitsu America
"Outcompete introduces a new way to think about competition and how to buckle up for the uncertain times to come in the AI first world."
Rens ter Weijde
"This book is a must for any business leader in the current times. The Outcompete Operating System serves like Oxygen for your competitive strategy."
Bill Whyman
Principal, Tech Dynamics
Former Head of BD, AWS Public Sector
"Mayur has a great ability to grasp a vast array of technical, legal, financial, business aspects and distill into a clear view on what factors actually determine which way the pendulum swings. This book provides a clear system to follow for every business leader who wants to be at the helm and benefit from every tailwind available."
Otto Kekäläinen
Former CEO Maria DB Foundation
"In Outcompete", Mayur Palta answers the critical question of our times: “how can you compete in an AI world”? Learn from his experiences as an entrepreneur, enterprise technologist, and lifelong student while supporting the education of underprivileged children with the purchase of this book.
Anneke Seley
CEO Realty Works”
Coauthor, “Sales 2.0” and “Next Era Selling
"Mayur Palta's 'Out Compete' masterfully deciphers the competitive business arena, rendering priceless strategies for startups and established businesses alike. This compelling read synthesizes his rich experiences, offering an unparalleled roadmap to outshine the competition."
George Molakal
"In technology business, either you are number One or number Zero, it is indeed ruthless. Mayur, with his years of experience, brings lot of knowledge on how to outmaneuver the competition. I recommend this book for any aspiring Entrepreneur."
Sai Gundavelli
CEO Solix Technologies
"If innovation is on your agenda, this is a must read."
PK Agarwal
Dean, University of California, Santa Cruz